Quality System

Welcome to Shengben, where exceptional quality meets unrivaled service.

In the heart of Shengben lies a profound respect for the significance of quality. It is not merely a standard but a philosophy that informs our every decision and action. We believe that exceptional quality is the cornerstone of all we offer, shaping our stringent code of practice and guiding our pursuit of excellence.

Our commitment to our customers is the driving force behind all we do. The Quality Department, central to our operations, upholds our well-documented quality standards with unwavering dedication. Empowered to maintain these standards, our Quality Manager not only ensures the efficacy of our ISO operations but also values customer feedback as a means of continuous growth.

We regard our reputation as a reflection of our devotion to quality. Both our Quality Manager and Marketing Manager are tasked with continually devising plans and systems that demonstrate our ongoing improvement. Since achieving ISO9001 in 2008, all our products adhere to CE and RoHS standards, with several of our offerings also meeting the UL and ETL certification criteria, in line with our North American market expansion.

As a purveyor of LED products, Shengben values sustainability. We strive to enhance our offerings continually, making them more efficient and eco-friendly through the latest lighting technologies and innovations.

Our Standards and Targets:

At Shengben, we respect the importance of targets as benchmarks of excellence:

  1. Monthly Inspection: ≥98%
  2. Customer Complaints: ≤0.5%
  3. Inspection Compliance: 100%
  4. Inspection Timeliness: ≥98%
  5. Instrument Calibration: 100%

At Shengben, your reputation is safe in our hands. Trust in the quality we provide, reflecting our commitment to excellence. With Shengben, exceptional service is not a promise—it is a guarantee.