About Us
Become one of the most leading companies in LED Lighting industry

Welcome to Shengben - Your Companion in Enlightened Living.
Nestled in the dynamic city of Shenzhen, China, a hub revered for groundbreaking lighting technology, Shengben has been dedicatedly shaping the realm of energy-efficient illumination since 1994. Over these three enriching decades, our unwavering commitment and thoughtful craftsmanship have brought light into homes and hearts worldwide.
Our Offering
Shengben’s diverse portfolio is tailored to meet a spectrum of needs, providing you with advanced and elegant lighting solutions. Our product range includes:
  • LED Camping Lights
  • LED Bulb Lamps
  • LED T8 Tubes
  • LED Panel Lights
  • LED Ceiling Lamps
  • LED Flood Lamps
  • Smart Lighting Solutions
  • Ambient Lights
  • Magnetic LED Lamp Head (Recessed Track Lighting System)
  • ...and a host of other exceptional products.
Trust in Shengben to create the perfect ambiance for every space. We are devoted to illuminating your world with style and innovation.

Featured Products
All our products are CE and RoHS and many of our products have achieved UL and ETL certification