The knowledge of led panel light

As the led lighting industry’s development, led panel light in original of led backlight. It has unique design, the uniform plane luminous effect produced when the light though the guide plate with high transmittance, great beam angle, soft and warm also brightness. LED panel light has no harmful for human’s skin result in popular in the marketing, is the new trends of modern indoor lighting. LED panel light also named LED flat light, LED ceiling light, LED sky light, etc.

Feature of LED panel light

1. Flexible design of led panel light
LED is a kind of point light source, the designers through the flexible point, line and plane combination, can design according to customer's request all kinds of different shapes, different particles of light source, its design is very flexible.

2. High light led panel light
LED panel lights glowing adopted uniform reflective panels and sealed design, with effective guide plate, and aluminum alloy material. Uniform glow, intensity of illumination is higher.

3. LED panel light has good heat radiating
LED panel light, thin, heat dissipation function complete, low power, produce less heat.

4. Long lifespan of LED panel light
LED theoretical service life of 100000 hours. As calculated by 8 hours a day, the theory of life in more than 27 years. CPL lamp cup and theoretical service life of more than 100000 hours or more.

5. The diversification of led panel light
LED panel light can be adjusted according to different needs and environment light color, no radiation and dazzle light not only, but also can protect vision, smooth color more moderate.

6. Strong anti-seismic of led panel light
In the LED panel light, LED light source is a kind of high hardness resin instead of tungsten filament glass, etc., it is not easy to damage, so the vibration resistance is relatively high, the environment temperature is adaptable.

7. Strong controllability
LED panel light through an external controller for a variety of dynamic program control, the ability of color temperature control and regulation of light and shade.

8. Low power consumption
LED panel lamp lighting technology is a green lighting technology, product manufacturing process does not contain mercury, less waste, almost no pollution; Semiconductor lighting has the characteristics of recycled, recyclable, plays an important role in economic and social sustainable development.